Adding new apps/packages

So now that we are ready to start developing our application, it's time to extend our codebase and add new parts to it!

There are essentially two possible ways to add new apps/packages to your project:

Using Cantara's new command

This is the easier of way of adding new apps/packages to your project. The new command has the following syntax:

ctr new <react-app|node-app|serverless|js-package|react-component> <new-name>

The first parameter specifies what you want to add to your repo:

  • A new React application (/react-apps)
  • A new NodeJS application (/node-apps)
  • A new serverless endpoint (/node-apps)
  • A new JS package (/packages)
  • A new React Component (/packages)

As the second parameter, specify give it a name.

Example: Adding a new React component named awesome-image-viewer as a re-usable NPM package to your project would look like this:

ctra new react-component awesome-image-viewer

Adding parts manually by creating the respective files yourself

To add a new package/Node app/React app to your project, simply create a new folder either under node-apps, packages or react-apps and create a src folder. Depending if it is a React app/component or not, create a new file index.ts / index.tsx in the src directory. For new serverless endpoints, you also need to create a handler.ts and a serverless.main.yml file (but not under src, one layer above). And that's it, now you are ready to go!

Now, that you've create a new package or app, you can start using it straight away. For packages, just import them into your apps. For applications, start the development using the dev command.

Serverless/NodeJS package dependencies

Due to internal limitations, when you intend to use a package in a serverless/NodeJS app, make sure that all of the package dependencies are also installed in that application. E.g. if you have a package called logger which is used in a NodeJS app called api and logger has a dependency called winston, make sure winston is also installed in api.

Notes on folders and package names

When creating a new package, it must not reside in a subfolder, meaning that the src folder must be directly in the your-package-name folder. When first starting Cantara and your package has no package.json yet, the name field in the package.json file is derived from the foldername. To rename the package, simply change the name field. If you e.g. want to assign it a name so that it's organization scoped, set it to @my-org/package-name.