A CLI tool to create Fullstack React apps in minutes

Cantara CLI wizard


React webapps

You are just one CLI command away to get you up and running with a modern React + TypeScript webapp.


Develop NodeJS APIs using TypeScript.

Serverless endpoints

Developing and deploying serverless endpoints using TypeScript is a breeze with Cantara.

Publish typesafe packages to NPM

If it is a React Component, a browser library or a NodeJS library, with Cantara you can publish it to NPM with just one command. Types included out of the box!

Unit/Integration/E2E testing

Cantara comes build in with all testing utilities you need. Thanks to Jest and react-testing-library, testing is fun again! Cantara also offers special commands for browser testing.

Organized in a monorepository!

If done correctly, monorepositories can speed up development remarkably. Fullstack development never was that easy.

Zero config

Yep, that's right. No webpack config, no .tsconfig and no jest config to touch. It just works ™
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