property namewhere to usedescription
envreact-apps/node-appsThe required environment variables for this app.
e2eproject rootHave a look at the E2E testing guide
displayNamereact-appsDisplay name which will be used in PWA manifest and inside <title> tag of index.html
themeColorreact-appsTheme color to be used in PWA manifest
skipCacheInvalidationserverless-endpointsIf this is set to true, nodemon is used to manually restart serverless offline after each change. Can be used to avoid reaching the maximum number of DB connection and the need to establish a new DB connection for every new call. Depends on your architecture if you need this
skipTypeGenerationpackagesIf this is set to true, no types will be generated when building the package.
suppressTsErrorspackagesAn array of Typescript compiler errors to ignore when generating types for packages.
devServerreact-appsOverwrite webpack devServer options object values, e.g. change port
sourceMapspackagesInclude the source maps of the original code in the package.
externalDependenciespackagesOverwrite the mapping for external dependencies, for details have a look at External Dependencies
libraryTargetspackagesAn array of targets cantara should create a build output for. Default is ['umd', 'commonjs'].
staticFoldernode-appThe default folder location of an application (Default is /static). Always relative to the current app
customTypesallFolders or files which contain custom types. Always relative to the current app.
skipBundlingpackagesIf Set to true, the commonjs target will not be bundled.
bundleAnalyzerproject rootShow bundle anaylzer after React App or UMD build. Defaults to false. Can also be disabled by setting the DISABLE_BUNDLE_ANALYZER environment variable to false.